10th July 2021 – Ceremony and Ritual

Ceremony and Ritual run by Shenoah and Julia Crabtree on Zoom

Information that was circulated
Ceremony and ritual are an important part of human existence. At this meeting will explore the essence of ceremony and ritual and how they can support us in our lives

First Journey
I am going on a journey to ask what is it important for me to know about creating and offering ritual. Please give me a simple ritual to help me in my life
20 minute drum journey

Second Journey
I am going on a journey to ask for a simple ritual to help (insert partners name) in their life
In partners – 15 minute drum journey

Third Journey – this meeting fell on a new moon
I am going on a journey to ask my spirits for part of the ceremony to honour the beginnings the new moon brings
15 minute rattle journey
We each shared what we were shown to do and put them into the order that felt right for the ceremony. We then all performed the ceremony together with each person leading the part they were shown in their journey. This included lighting a candle to start, songs, words of dedication and gratitude, and movements aligned with specific intentions.