11th April 2020 – Connecting with Resources

Different ways of connecting with known and unknown resources
Run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – This meeting was done via Zoom due to the Covid-19 lockdown. In these changing times it is important to keep connected to our resources, at this meeting we will be exploring how we can continue to be resourced and connected, and perhaps find resources we were not even aware of, that we can tap into during these times. 
This is an opportunity to work in a different way so the lodg meeting will be held via Zoom and can be joined on a computer, tablet or phone. I have attended many Zoom group meetings over the past few years and it works well, technology definitely being one of the great resources at this time.

1st Journey – Intention – I am going to the lower world to ask my spirts for the help I need at this time.
Reactions to the lockdown have differed for individuals. Some enjoy it, others are finding grief, fear, anxiety and other emotions arising.  Some are unable to do the things that usually resource them, others find it difficult to connect. This journey is to receive the support no matter what our experience.

2nd Journey – Intention – Rattling and Singing healing for my resources (using a representation of myself)
We already have many resources, some of them we are tapping into and others we may not be aware of, or even see them as a resource. This healing journey is to be shown the resources we do have and to offer any healing work that is required for us to become aware of and re connect to others.In shamanism we are working out of normal time and space with the energy / etheric / non physical body. This is what makes it possible to do distance work and to also do work on ourself.  Song is vibration so is especially powerful when working in this way.You can do this work in a number of ways, in all of them you are working on your non physical body. This works best when physically rattling and singing as opposed to doing a lying down journey and seeing yourself doing it on a journey – below are some options

  • You can sit and perceive yourself in front of you either sitting or lying down
  • If you want do it more physically you can either perceive yourself or make a representation of yourself sitting in a chair 
  • or you can perceive yourself or make a representation of yourself lying down 
  • You can also do the work standing and perceiving yourself standing in front of you
  • some of you may find that during the work you find you are physically rattling around or touching your body with your rattle.

Before you start draw the outline of your body in your notebook. After the journey draw on your body what the resources looked like and what it was and how it felt.

3rd Journey – Intention – I am going on a journey to the lodg altar room to give and receive a gift
This is inspired by the work I have done with Sandra Ingerman. She creates a group altar room for each of her groups where anyone in the group can go to connect with the resources of the group and to give and receive a gift.  Prior to the meeting I did a journey to ask to be taken to the LODG group altar room. LODG has been meeting once a month for 23 years, that is a huge amount of community, energy, healing and resources available for all of us to connect to if we wish.
 I have also been inspired by the work of Daan Van Kampenhout with the Ancestors who are a huge resource to us.  We are alive now because our ancestors survived, they gave us life. Many of them may have lived through previous times of difficulty – such as spanish flu, plagues, wars – as well as times of abundance and ease. They know how to live well and get through difficult times and can support us as at this time. Whenever you need to feel resourced, offer a resource, or want to feel connected to lodg you can do this journey.

  • Ask your spirits to take you to the Lodg altar room – I was shown the lodg altar was in a clearing in a woodland. 
  • At each side of the entrance to the altar room stood two guardians, I saw them as enormous redwood trees (you may see the guardians in a different form). 
  • Ask the guardians for a cleansing from the elements – this could be earth, air, fire or water so you enter the sacred space cleansed.
  • Once cleansed go inside and take your place in the circle. You may see others you know, or you may not. Feel yourself part of the circle, you may hold hands or not, see how the experience unfolds. 
  • In the centre is the altar that is already full of many gifts, notice how it appears to you
  • Ask your spirits for the gift that you can leave on the altar for others in the group and go and put it on the altar – you are making a sacred offering, it could be food, a prayer, energy, trust what you are shown to leave
  • Step back into the circle and perceive your ancestors behind you, allow yourself to receive from them what you need at this time – it may be energy or something specific
  • When you have received from the ancestors go to the altar and ask for the gift that to help you at this time, receive what you are offered
  • if there is still time you can stand again in the circle and connecting until the callback
  • It may be that you spend more time with your ancestors and collect your gift when you leave the altar room during the callback
  • give thanks and come back.

We also suggested these follow up journeys may be helpful during this time

  • Healing I need at this time (this is a follow on from the help I need at this time)
  • What needs to happen for me to make the best use of this time (this takes the judgement out of what we think we should or could be doing)
  • Help me to feel at ease (with unease / at this time) – a powerful message that sometimes what is arising is not bad, but is arising so it can be healed / transformed / acknowledged
  • song to help me with … (anxiety / grief / joy / peace) – always good to have a song we can sing to help us when needed 😊