11th December 2021 – Giving and Receiving

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
At the final meeting of 2021 we will both receive and offer a spiritual gift to support us in the coming year. We will visit the virtual lodg altar room as part of the annual winter feast festivities which will also include song, dance and ceremony.

1st Journey – Teaching about giving and receiving – 10 mins Freestyle journey 
Going on a journey to ask my spirits for a teaching about the true essence of giving and receiving and what can I give to thank the spirits for their support

2nd Journey – rattle journey to ask for spiritual gift for partner
I am going on a rattle journey to ask my spirits for a spiritual gift for ……..
May be shown how to offer it. Tell partner the gift in a power filled way.

3rd Activity – Gratitude Dance
Simple circe dance of gratitude to give thanks for what has gone before and a thank you to what is to come ad make a commitment to be ourselves in the world using a candle to light our way.

4th JourneyJourney to the lodg Altar
I am going on a Journey to the lodg altar to take part in the winter feast and to receive a gift that will support me through the winter  – to receive something from altar – put something on it

5th Activity – Group blessing – using rattle and song
Half the group in the centre. Ask for the spirits for the gift of those in the centre to be blessed and they receive the resources they need for the winter season. Swap