11th June 2022 – Deepening Trust

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information Circulated
Trusting the flow of life can help us to live more fully in the world. If we trust life, if we trust ourselves, if we trust others and the spirits all can be well but life experiences can get in the way of us trusting.

At this meeting we will explore what trust means for us, what stops us trusting and receive help to support a deepening so we can be more in the world from a place of trust.

First Journey – drum journey
Going on a journey to ask my spirits to show me the source of what gets in the way of my trusting and living fully in the world 

Second Journey – partner work – rattling self on journey
Going on a healing journey for (insert partners name) Heart and soul so they can live fully in the world in balance and trust

Third Journey – This was not journeying out as we would normally done with drums but opening to receive. The intention was to ask my spirits for help to trust all I need will be received.
We used the track ‘Transmission of Healing for Information from an Enlightened Spirit’ from the CD ‘Soul Journeys – music for shamanic practice’ by Sandra Ingerman. The track uses gongs, chimes and bells.