11th March 2023 – Working with the Spirits of Nature in Kew Gardens

Run by Shenoah and David face to face

Information that was circulated
At this meeting we will explore the wonders that Kew Gardens has to offer by working with different ways of connecting with nature. As we open ourselves to the wisdom of the plants and trees we will deepen our connections to receive guidance as to how we can work in reciprocity with nature

1st Journey – walking journey
Walking journey to meet the Spirit of Kew Gardens to ask what I need to know about working in Kew Gardens.

2nd Journey – at the Treetop walkway
For those who go to the top of the walkway – ask the top of the trees for a teaching
For those who don’t want to go to the top – find a tree that is showing roots and ask for a teaching from the roots of the tree

3rd Journey – connection / walking journey to the lake crossing and down the Syon Vista
Journey to the spirit of the cold to ask for a teaching about the transition from winter to spring

4th Journey – connection journey in the palm house
Connect to a plant you do not know and ask for a teaching about itself

5th Journey – Princess of Wales conservatory
Find the zone / area you feel most connected with and ask either the place or a plant within the place for a teaching to support you at this time

6th Journey – Walking journey from Alpine area to the front of the lake to find a tree
Asking a tree for a teaching to support you in the coming season (spring)

7th Journey – connection journey – under the trees next to the palm house
Connect to the gardens and ask for a blessing from the gardens for yourself, offer a blessing from yourself to the gardens