11th May 2019 – Creation Myths

Exploring our own creation Myths
Run by Sally Ibbotson, inspired by the Medicine for the Earth book by Sandra Ingerman

Information that was circulated – Most traditional peoples have a Creation myth that unites and guide them and give them a sense of belonging. At this lodge meeting we will be asking spirit to show us our own personal creation myth. Central to this process is the dismemberment journey, a method that enables us to disconnect from this earthly story and allows us to more easily connect with our source.

Introduction to the day – Creation myths unites Societies and gives individuals a sense of belonging. It is seen as the Source so returning to it in thought or song or dance becomes a re-source. It could be a story or a central figure. The purpose of dismemberment is to more easily disconnect with this earthly story so we can experience our source or origin. Examples are being eaten, burnt, dissolved (elemental). Once dismbembered there is a rememberment. Need to work with a trusted spirit and trust the process.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to ask my Spirits, what is it important to know about dismemberment journeys?
Find out how will it happen and how you will be re-membered.?

2nd Journey – I’m going on a dismemberment journey so I can experience my creation myth.
This journey had prompts using the drumgs to do the following
ask your spirits for dismemberment
ask your Spirits to show you your creation story
ask you spirits to re-member you

3rd Journey – I’m going on a journey to ask for an image of my creation myth

4th Journey – I’m going on a journey to ask for the song of my creation myth. Sing it whilst connected to source. So it is a re-source.

5th Journey – I’m going on a journey to ask for the dance of my creation myth. Dance it whilst connected to source.