12th & 13th November 2022 – the staff and the song, working with Seidr

Face to face on 12th – run by Shenoah and David face to face
Zoom on 13th – run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
November will be our annual meeting working with Seidr.  Seidr is an oracular tradition that uses the staff, the song and a raised seat as key elements in its ritual.  It is a Viking shamanic tradition which was practised in this country so also belongs to the ancestors of this land. Journeying on song with a staff is a focussed and power filled way of working that offers a different experience than journeying with the drum.   At this meeting we will explore how to use the song and the staff in our personal practice. We will also work together in a community seidr ceremony. Although the seidr tradition uses song being able to sing in tune is not important.  

1st Journey – singing self on journey with staff

If you have not journeyed with a staff before – go with one of your known helpers

Going on a Journey to ask who will be my teacher in seidr – ask how the staff and I can work together
If you have journeyed with a staff before and have a seidr teacher choose from below
Journey to ask to be shown what has previously been hidden from me about working with seidr
Journey to the spirit of song to ask how to work with it in seidr work
Journey to the spirit of the first volva to ask for an insight into the qualities of the seidr hjel
Journey to the world tree to ask for a deeper understanding of the staff in seidr

2nd journey in pairs – the client sings the seidr worker on the journey at the start and back at the end of the journey then swap
Going on a journey to ask for the help (insert partners name) needs at this time

3rd journey – community seidr – 3 seidr workers took the hjel to answer a question agreed by the community and then answers personal questions
face to face seidr –How can we make seidr relevant for the modern world
zoom seidr – How do we make seidr practice relevant for our modern communities