12th August 2023 – Guardianship of the Land

run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information Circulated
The land feeds us, clothes us, offers shelter and beauty but it is increasingly threatened in both big and small ways.
At this meeting we will look at how deepening connection with a specific area and the spirits of that area can show us our part in protecting, supporting and living in harmony with nature and the land. 
As we create connections with the land so we come to know our place in the world and understand we are part of nature, not separate from it. The development of this connection can bring a feeling of richness and abundance to our lives and also a sense of belonging.
Many thanks to Jutta for suggesting the theme for this meeting. 

1st Journey
Going on a journey  to … (insert the name of place if you know it)  or to be shown the land that is willing to work together. Meet the / a spirit of that land who is willing to speak on behalf of the land 

On the journey ask to be shown anything it is important for me to know about the land – e.g history, how it feels about humans, what to to be aware of about it, what it wants for itself

2nd Journey
Going on a journey ask what the land and the land spirits need from me as a guardian and how to honour and live in harmony with them

3rd Journey – acted out journey
Going on a journey to create a totem with the land to keep  us connected

Make it on the journey, you and the land may be putting spiritual energy / words / focus etc into it

4th Journey – blessing
Everyone shared their totem and put it virtually into the middle of the circle. With song and rattles we asked the spirits for a blessing for our relationships and guardianship of the land.