12th December 2020 – Gifts of Winter

The gifts of the winter season
Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated|
Although we are unable to have our traditional ‘Winter Feast’ we will join with each other in the virtual LODG altar room to feast and celebrate.  We will receive a gift from the spirits to sustain us through the winter months and explore the true essence of giving and receiving.

First Journey`
I am going on an acted out journey to ask for a teaching about the true essence of giving and receiving and to ask what can I gift my community in the coming year

Your community can be family, friendship group, community project, local group etc, let the spirits decide which community and what the gift will be. Gift it in the journey – but it is also to do in ordinary reality

Second Journey
I an going on a journey to the lodg altar to take part in the winter feast and to receive a gift that will support me through the winter  – and to put a gift on the lodg altar for the group for the coming year

3rd Journey
In 2 groups. First group have videos on to receive the blessing, 2nd group offer the blessing. Ask for the spirits for those in the centre to be blessed with the resources they need for the winter season for those in the centre and deliver it with song and rattle. Then swap over

Possible follow up journeys
Walking journey in your local area to ask for the gifts of this season
 If you are unable to go out go to your local area on a journey to ask for the gifts of this season
Journey to ask what you can offer a specific community you want to support
Journey to ask what you can gift yourself