12th February 2022 – The Power of Spring

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information Circulated
Spring is a time of celebration. A time to honour new growth and the abundance to come as the light continues to return. At this meeting we will honour the power of spring with a virtual wassail and explore how we can be in the flow of the season in our own lives

1st Journey- drum journey – middle world journey
I am going on a virtual walking journey to meet something in nature that is returning and ask for a teaching about the power of spring and how I can use it in my life

2nd journey -drum journey – middle world, can be an acted out journey
I am going on a virtual walking journey to ask to merge with …. (insert what you met in the previous journey) to receive the spring power to be able to ….. (insert what you were shown in the previous journey)

ensure you un-merge when the callback comes

3rd Journey – acted out drum journey
I am going on a journey to Wassail… (The Orchard / the apple trees in / on / the spirit of the apple trees if you do not know a specific tree)

Wassailing examples were shared as an introduction. When on the journey ask your spirits for your own wassailing ritual and do it with whoever turns up. The journey was started and ended with the song ‘Who will stand, who will the stand for the Bees and the Trees and the Spirits and the Land’

After the journey each person shared their ritual and ended it with a ‘wassail’ to which everyone else replied ‘wassail’ and took a drink of their cider or whatever they were drinking.