12th June 2021 – The Spirit of Play

The Spirits of Play – run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated
At this months meeting we will explore the spirit of play.
“Life’s meaning is lost without the spirit of play. In play all that is gay, lovely and soaring in the human spirit strives to find expression. To play is to yield oneself to a kind of magic. In play the mind is prepared to accept the unimagined and incredible, to enter a world where different laws apply, to be free, unfettered and divine”
Eileen Agar, Painter and Photographer  (1899 – 1991)

First Journey
Going on a journey to experience the essence of the spirit of play
while on the journey ask to be shown images of shapes that carry the essence of the spirit fo play
Rattle and sung journey
When the drums slow down come part way back and draw / colour / cut out the images shown

Second Journey
Free Jouney
20 minute drum journey
in partners help each other come to an intention that is a follow on from the previous journey, possible example
What are my next steps to integrate play into my life
Help to fully embrace playfullness
What kind of play will bring me joy
Show me how to be more playful
Healing for what stops me being playful
or anything else that arises from the journey

Third Journey
Going on a walking journey to ask for help to keep connected to the spirit of play.
While on the joureny ask for an object to help and bring it back
If unable to do this in the garden or outside can do it indoors

End with a thank you song

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old
We grow old because we stop playing”