13th April 2019 – Self Expression

Exploring what self expression means for us
run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – Using journey work, images and ceremony we will explore what self expression means for us and ask the spirits to support us in expressing ourselves in the world today.  Although we will be asking the spirits for images as part of our work no artistic ability is required. 

Introduction to day – Self expression can be many things and can come in many different forms such as dance, song and art.. It can be used as medium for healing and support us to express our personality, feelings, or ideas. It can come as a one off inspiration or a form that is with you for a long time.

1st Journey – acted out journey
I am going on a journey to be shown / experience what self expression means for me

3rd Journey – partner work. Do a ratlle rattle healing for your partner for what stops them expressing themselves. Receiver shares, healer shares then swap over

3rd journey –   I am going on a journey to ask my spirits for an image or symbol that will help me express myself in my life (to keep me connected to my self expression)

Go and get the image, see the colours, how it is created, the energy of it, when you have the image come part way back and the draw it, after 10 mins the drumming will slow down and continue until everyone has stopped. Put all the images in the centre around the altar

4th journey – Going on a journey to ask my spirits: What are my next steps to have more self expression in my life

End with a blessing song and rattling over the images in the centre.