13th August 2022 – Fruits of the Harvest

run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
As the year continues to turn the start of August brings the festival of Lughnasa which celebrates the start of the harvest season. At this meeting we will look at the reciprocity between the harvest and ourselves and what within ourselves may be ready to be harvested.

First Journey – drum journey
Going on a journey to ask my spirits to show me the reciprocity between the harvest, abundance of nature, and myself

Second Journey – acted out embodied journey
Journey to ask my spirits what is ready to be harvested in myself 

Third Journey – Blessing in partners
I am asking for a blessing for what  …….  (Insert partners name) is ready to harvest (can also put what it is that they are ready to harvest from the previous journey)
One person received the blessing and one receives then swap over.