13th February 2021 – Deepening Spirit Connection

Deepening Connection with Power Animals
Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated
As we receive the help, healing and guidance requested from our spirits we become more ourselves and live more fully in the world. This month we will be working with Deepening Connections to our spirits. We will offer our thanks and gratitude for all their support and ask what we can do in return to honour all they do for us.

First Journey
Going on a journey to ask my Power animal how can I honour you in return for all your help and guidance
Drum / sung / rattle journey

Second Journey
Going on a journey to ask to see myself through my Power Animals eyes
Merge with Power anmimal on the journey, unmerge once completed
Drum journey 

Third Journey – Power animal dancing
I am going on a journey to shapeshift into my …….. and dance together
calling Power anmial to us and merging together in this reality. Remember to unmerge when the journey is finished
Drum journey

Fourth Journey
Going on a journey to the LODG altar to Drum / rattle / sing gratitude to my power animal and each other
Drum journey – everyone drumming / rattling / singing