13th June 2020 – Insights from the Four Directions

Receiving insights and support from the directions. This meeting was inspired by the systemic ritual work of Daan Van Kampenhout
Run by Shenoah

Information that was circulated – this meeting was run via Zoom due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Working with the energies of the directions can bring balance, insights, healing and resources to areas in our life that are stuck or need resolving. At this months meeting we will be exploring the qualities of each direction and deepening our relationship and understanding of how to receive the wisdom and guidance we need in our lives. 

Introduction to the Day
Overview of qualities of each direction in the way we worked with them
East – Yellow / sunrise / spring / new beginnings / clear structure
East negative aspects – not manifesting ideas or completing what has been started

South – Red / sun at its highest / summer / taking responsibility / projects coming to fruition
South negative aspects – workaholic / power over

West – Black / Dusk / autumn / releasing what no longer serves
West negative aspects – self absorbed / slow / disintegration of self / stuck in grief

North – White / between night & day / winter / inspiration /formlessness, dreamtime / betwixt and between
North negative aspects – not being grounded / escape into spiritual / helpless / avoid people

Preparation – Draw a circle and split it into quarters, colour the sections Yellow – East, Red – South, West – Black, White – North. Draw a circle in the centre and colour it green. Put it on the floor so each quarter is orientated in the room to the direction on the wheel. I have written the directions on the wheel below for reference.

Format of work – Start each journey in the centre in the green so are starting in the centre of yourself and step into the direction you are working with. You are not journeying out but calling the qualities, energy of that power to come to you, standing in that direction and having an embodied as opposed to out of body experience. You can use a drumming track and / or your voice and rattle. As you start to work with each direction use your voice and rattle offering a prayer to that direction as you call upon it to come and help you.

You can either take a specific issue to each of the directions, or you can see what each direction wants to show you in your life. The intention asks ‘what is it important for me to be with’ so you can allow to arise whatever needs to arise and be with the experience. Your experience may be visual, physical, emotional, you may be given a teaching or an understanding or a solution.

The inention is the same for each of the directions

1st Journey – “I am standing in the East to ask what is it important for me to be with in the East

2nd Journey – “I am standing in the South to ask what is it important for me to be with in the South

3rd Journey – “I am standing in the West to ask what is it important for me to be with in the West

4th Journey – “I am standing in the North to ask what is it important for me to be with in the North

Complete the cycle by thanking all the directions for their help and releasing them.

The following are other ways of working with the directions that were circulated to those attending after the meeting

  • standing and welcoming each direction to ask for help for the day with rattle / song / voice / drum
  • journey to / connecting with the direction where you feel you are stuck
  • journey to / connecting with the direction you feel you need to step into more fully
  • take one issue you want help with and walk the wheel to receive insight and support from each direction