13th March 2021- The Gifts of Spring

The Gifts of Spring
Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was Circulated
Each season brings its own gifts and springtime brings longer days as the light continues to return and plants and trees are blossoming with new life.  We will explore how the energy of spring can guide and support us to grow into our own lives.

First Journey
(inspired by a meeting about Imoblc from 2016 run by Pamela E)
Going on a journey to the seeds of the earth to ask for a teaching about strengthening hope and trust.
Drum Journey

Second Journey
Going on a journey to ask what is ready to be awakened within me
Rattle and singing journey

Third Journey
Going on a journey to meet the spirit of spring to ge shown how what is awakening within me can emerge
Acted out Journey

Fourth Journey
In 2 groups. First group have videos on to receive, 2nd group ask the spririts for what is needed to support the awakening, deliver it with song and rattle. Then swap over