13th May 2023 – Spirit Houses for Personal Healing

Run by Shenoah and David face to face

Information Circulated
Many people have the wish to bring about changes in their lives. Making the change is often a struggle against inner thoughts and established habits and sometimes ends in the intention being discarded.  At this meeting we will be asking our spirits which inner thoughts or established habits within us, our inner demon, is ready to leave us.  

This meeting is based on work taught by Myron Eshowsky when he visited the UK in 2000. It should be noted that although Myron uses the word demons, he uses it only in the context of these inner thoughts and established habits and within the context of a specific cultural practice of creating spirit houses which we will explore during the meeting.
During the meeting we will be making a spirit house to house one of these inner demons. This small object will be made of air drying clay and you will need to bring a container to put it in to protect it on the journey home. The finished item will be no bigger than the palm of your hand..

There will be an additional cost of £2 for the clay.  Please bring something to work on – e.g a wooden or plastic board. You mat also want to bring items such as a knife or sculpting tools you can use when creating the spirit house. 

Myron Eshowsky is an inspirational teacher, shamanic healer and peacemaker. You can read about his work here http://myroneshowsky.com

1st Journey – drum journey
I’m going on a journey to meet the spirit of one of my inner demons that I am ready to let go of. (learn what it looks like, how it presents itself, its purpose, what it needs, how it wants the spirit house to look)

2nd Activity – Make the spirt house from air hardening clay
Make a spirit house for the demon. Do it in an intentional way, may want to sing / drum as you make it.

3rd Journey – drum journey
Journey to the demon, collect it and blow it into the house (much like a power or soul retrieval)

4th Journey – acted out journey to your own spirits (not the daemon)
I am going on a journey to ask where to put the spirit house, how often and for how long

5th Journey – singing
Asking for a song to help change my relationship with the demon