13th November 2021 – The Song and the Staff – working with Seidr

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information Circulated
November will be our annual meeting working with Seidr.  Seidr is an oracular tradition that uses the staff, the song and a raised seat as key elements in its ritual.  It is a Viking shamanic tradition which was practised in this country so also belongs to the ancestors of this land. 

Journeying on song with a staff is a focussed and power filled way of working that offers a different experience than journeying with the drum.   At this meeting we will explore how to use the song and the staff in our personal practice. We will also work together in a community seidr ceremony. Although the seidr tradition uses song being able to sing in tune is not important.  

First Journey
Asking for help from the spirit of song

Second Journey
If not worked with a staff before
Journey to meet the spirit of my staff to ask how we can work together
If worked with a staff but do not have a seidr teacher
Journey to meet my seidr teacher and ask how we can work together
If you have a seidr teacher
Journey to ask to be shown what was has been previously hidden from me about working with seidr

Third Journey
Working in pairs seidr journey to ask for the help my partner needs at this time

Recipient sings the journeyer on the journey. Once in the journey with their spirits they give a predermined signal and the recipient stops singing. The journeyer sings everything that is happening on the journey. When it is completed they ask to be sung home.

Fourth Journey
Seidr Ceremony to ask the ancestors how the ancient ways can support us in modern times

One person was on the Hjel (raised seat where the seidr work takes place) doing the work with their spirits on behalf of the group. The group sung them on the journey to enable them to do receive the information which they recounted while on the journey. Personal questions were then taken from the group.