14th March 2020 – Spirits in the City

Connecting with the spirits in our home and in the city
Run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – This month we will be working with the theme of Spirits in the City. Karen Kelly, one of the founders of Lodg along with David Scott, ran a number of lodg meetings around this theme and these days are the inspiration for this meeting.

Introduction to the day Most of us live in urban environments, a long way from the forests and mountains of traditional shamans. Many people say they feel their strongest connection in wild nature – but wherever we live we are exposed to the sky, stars, sun, moon, seasons and elements every day of our lives. Our ancestors knew of many spirits and faery people who chose to live with them in towns and villages and during this meeting we will explore how we can connect to the spirits in the city and in our homes. Please bring an object with you that represents your home.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to ask what is the gift I am bringing from my home to this group
Repeat physical journey from home to Wheatsheaf venue in non ordinary reality, hold the object from home while you do the journey, put gift into the object during or at the end of the journey.   After the journey – One at a time everyone puts their object around the altar and names the gift.

2nd Journey – in Vauxhall ParkWalking journey to meet the spirit of London to ask for a teaching about connecting with the spirits in the city.
On your walk find an object to keep you connected with the teaching and the spirit of London

3rd Journey – In Vauxhall Park – Going on a walking journey to meet a tree to ask what gift I can offer the city

4th Journey – Going on a journey to meet the spirit of my home to ask it to show me where there is balance and imbalance – go through each room

5th Journey – Going on a Tunnel clearing journey to bring balance to (insert name of partner) home.
Go into your own tunnel with your spirits – they may do the work or ask you do do something, listen to what they say very carefully. Do not judge what is there, you may not know its significance, e.g spiders web – person may have spider as helper