14th October 2023 – Personal Transitions and the Turning of the Year

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
There are many transitions we go through in our lives. Whether related to rites of passage, age, birth, death, family, relationships, work, healing or spiritual, we can find support from the spirits and the land. 
By connecting the turning of the year as nature makes its own transitions, we can tap into the energies of that season to support us make our own.
At this meeting we will connect to the flow of this season to support us in our own transitions, whatever they may be. 

First Journey – Drum journey
I am going on a journey to meet a transitioning nature being to ask for a teaching about transitioning at this time of year

Second Journey – Acted out Journey
Journey to (nature being you met before) to merge with it and receive the support I need for my transition (or you can name what the transition is)

Third Journey – Partner work
Asking for a blessing so (insert partners name) can transition (or insert what their transition is) with grace and ease
Connect with your own spirits and also the nature being from the previous journeys
Share and swap over

Ended the meeting by rattling and singing to give thanks