16th April 2022 – Blessed by the Moon

This meeting was cancelled due to Shenoah having Covid, below are the journeys we would have done

Information Circulated
The full Moon is often seen as particularly potent and magical and this months LODG coincides with the April full moon. We will honour the moon with song and explore how the qualities of the moon can deepen our connection to the cycles of nature and support our own cycles. 

1st Journey
Going on a journey to be in the presence of the moon
approach the moon slowly, speak to it lovingly and let it know you would like to be in its presence.  Do not ask for anything specific but let yourself soften and expand and connect with and experience the energy of the moon. What are its qualities, and how this makes you feel, insights etc.

2nd Journey – in partners
merge with the moon and ask it for a blessing for your partner to support them in their life  – it can be something specific they ask for, or a general blessing.

3rd Journey
Going on a journey to ask the moon for a teaching about the cycles of life and how the moon can support my in my personal cycles.

End with a group ceremony to give thanks for what we have received from the moon.