16th July 2022 – Spirits of Nature

Run by Shenoah & David in Kensington Gardens

Information Circulated
Saturday 16th July is our first face to face meeting since March 2020 and a celebration of 25 years of LODG. We will be meeting outside in Kensington Gardens and the meeting will be run by Shenoah and David.  We meet under a grove of trees which gives some protection from the sun and have an alternative sheltered place to work if it is wet. Connection and learning from Nature is one of the foundations of shamanic work and even in the city nature is all around us and we can connect with and receive wisdom from the spirits. At this meeting we will connect to and work with the spirits of nature and the land in Kensington Gardens.

We will be having a celebratory picnic so bring food to share.  There will also be a give away so you are welcome to bring anything shamanically or spiritually focussed that is ready to be passed on. Everything will be put on a blanket for others in the group to take. If anything you bring is not taken you will need to take it home with you. 

First Journey
I am going on a walking journey to meet the Spirit of Kensington Gardens to introduce myself and ask for a teaching about Kensington Gardens

Second Journey
I am going on a walking or connection journey to ask the sun for a teaching about joy
(this journey was also done at the very first outside meeting 25 years ago)

Third Journey
I am going on a walking journey to meet the spirit of something in Kensington Gardens ( eg tree / water / bird / plant) to ask what it is important for me to pay attention to this summer / or this season

4th Journey – partner work
I am going on a walking journey to find an object to help keep my partner connected to (insert what it is important for them to pay attention to)

End with song of thanks