19th March 2022 – Nourishing and Deepening Shamanic Practice

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

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Ongoing connection with our spirits beyond doing a journey brings a deepening and Integration of the resources and connections that shamanism offers.   At this months meeting we will explore the richness of personal practices and receive inspiration from each other and the spirits of how we can more deeply root these connections into our lives.  We will inspire each other by sharing personal practices. Please have a think of any practices your spirits gave you that you would be willing to share with the group. Many thanks to Nina S for suggesting the theme and format for this months meeting.

Participants shared personal practices that supported them in daily life including daily rituals, nature work, elements, directions, song, lighting incense, greeting the day, feeding animals, giving thanks, greeting the sun, putting feet on the earth, working in the garden, using essential oils …

1st Journey – drum journey – can do as upper world or see where taken
Going on a journey to ask my spirits how can I deepen my connection with the sprits in my daily life / or how can I deepen my connection to life / or how can I deepen connection in my daily life

2nd Journey – merged journey
going on a journey to merge with my power animal / spirit teacher to ask how can I deepen my connection with you
While on the journey ask what gifts and qualities it offers and if it is willing for the form it takes to be shared with others. Ensure unmerge when the callback comes

3rd Journey – rattle journey
Going on a journey to ask how can I nurture and give thanks to the spirits

Discussion on how to collect / record / use information from journeys. How art, craft poetry, creative writing, gardening, can be inspired by the spirits.

End by rattling and singing to give thanks