12th January 2019 – Resourcing Ourselves in Changing Times

How we can support the earth, ourselvers and each other in changing times
Run by Shenoah and David

Information circulated – Human connection to and interaction with nature our environment and communties has changed considerably over time. These changes have lead to what many believe has gone beyond the point of no return in some areas. In this meeting we will explore our own relationship to nature our environment and communities to ask how we can support ourselves, the earth and each other in these changing times. As part of our work we will be doing our popular Wassailing ceremony in Vauxhall park so please bring clothes appropriate for whatever the weather may offer.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to to ask my spirits for a vision of how I can support myself, the earth and others in changing times
may be shown one or more areas areas

2nd Journey – What resources does (insert name of partner) need to be able to manifest their vision
in pairs, 1st person tells their partner the vision they were shown. Their partner does a journey to their spirit to collect the resources from the spirit workd and delivers the resources by singing and rattling. Share and swap over

3rd Activity – Wassailing Ceremony in Vauxhall Park
You had to be there but there was singing, rattling, waking up and putting toast in trees and cider

4th Activity – Group Blessing – half the group sit in circle, other half stand on the outside and ask for and deliver blessings for the visions and resources of those sitting inside. Groups Swap over