9th March 2019 – The Healing Power of Spring

Working in Vauxhall park with the healing energy of the spring
run by Shenoah & David

Information that was Circulated – Spring is a time when energy is bursting forth as new growth emerges from the earth,  sap rises in the trees and the sun continues to bring warmer and longer days. At the March meeting we will explore how we can use natures power at this time of the year for healing ourselves and others. 

1st Journey –  going on a journey to ask my spirits what I should ask for healing for when in the park

2nd Journey – Walking Journey in the Park
Intention: I’m going on a walking journey to meet a tree (I know) to ask for a teaching about using the power of the spring for healing (myself and others)

3rd Journey – Connection Journey in the park – can use rattle
Intention: I am connecting with new growth to ask for a healing for ….(what was shown in the first journey)

4th Journey – Walking journey in the park
Intention: am going on a walking journey to find something that needs healing or a blessing in the park – may take the form of energy / hands on / rattle / sing

On returning to the venue we did a group healing for a member of the group calling upon the energies and powers we had connected with in the park