15th June 2019 – Abundance of Summer

How the season of summer can support us in our lives
run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – As we move towards the summer solstice we witness the fertility and abundance of nature as the spring growth blooms into a riot of green and colour.  At this meeting we will explore the relationship between the spirits, natural abundance and ourselves and how we can draw on the upcoming season to support us in our lives. We will be doing some work in Vauxhall Park

Introduction to day – Summer is often seen as a time of abundance, greenery, colours in nature, warmer weather, holidays. By working with the themes of the seasons we can come into the rhythm of nature and receive the gifts each season has to offer
Astronomical summer – In the astronomical calendar the start and end dates of summer are based on the changing position of Earth in relation to the sun and the resulting solar events of equinoxes and solstices
Meteorological summer – Meteorologists, on the other hand, define seasons based on climatic conditions and the annual temperature cycle.
Summer Solstice – In terms of daylight, this day is 8 hours, 49 minutes longer than on December Solstice. Summer ends on Monday, September 23rd 2019 

 1st journey – Journey to meet my teacher / helper be shown how the spirits understand abundance

2nd Journey Walking Journey in Vauxhall Park
Intention: I’m going on a walking journey to meet a tree (I know) to ask for a teaching about the abundance of the summer season

3rd Journey – Connection Journey in Vauxhall Park – can use rattle
Intention: Sun is the source of all life – Connecting with the summer sun to ask how I can use its energy in my life

4th Journey – Walking journey in Vauxhal Park to find an object
Intention: walking journey to find a power object to help me connected to the abundance of the summer

4th Journey – back at the venue
Intention – Going on a journey to see the abundance in my life through my teachers eyes

5th Journey In pairs – do a blessing for your partner to ask they experience the abundance in their lives that they were shown today, share and swap