9th May 2020 – Power of Spring and the Spirits of Nature

Being in the flow of the season to support new energy in our lives
Run by Shenoah

Information that was circulated – This meeting was done Via Zoom due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We will be working with the power of spring and exploring how nature can support us at this time. No matter if we are able to be physically in nature or have not been able to leave the house the spirits of nature offer gifts, healing and insights that can support us during this time.

1st journey – Intention – I am going on a journey to meet the spirit of spring to ask what new energy is ready to come into my life at this time
Due to the uncertainty in this Covid-19 period it is sometimes difficult to think about the future, however it is important that we continue to be open for opportunites of new ways of being and experiencing the world.

Do this as a middle world journey unless you are taken somewhere else.
Although there are only 2 weeks left of meteological spring trees and flowers are still coming into blossom and power and energy is bursting through. If we are able to connect to the energy and flow of the season it is an opportunity for our own new growth and to allow the season to support us. We are nature. not sepate from it. The new energy could be a way of being, something to do or pay attention to. It could be a deepening of something you already know or something completely new.

2nd Journey – Intention – Going on an acted out journey to merge with a tree I know to receive the power I need to ……… (insert the new growth you were shown in the previous journey, e.g be still, learn to knit)
At present the sap is rising in the trees bringing leaves, flowers and seeds, ask the tree if it will allow you to merge with it and allow yourself to experience and receive the energy you need from the tree.
To do an acted out journey instead of lying or sitting you ‘act out’ what is happening on the journey. This gives an embodied experience and bridges the spirit and physical world bringing the spirit power into ordinary reality. Remember to unmerge at the end.

3rd Journey – Asking for a blessing from the moon
The full moon was a couple of days previously and is sometimes called the flower moon as it is the season of coloured flowers emerging. This blessing is for the new energy we were shown as well as our lives in general.
The blessing was done in 2 groups. Half the group receved the blessing and perceived themselves to be sitting in a circle in the centre facing outwards. The other half were offering the blessing by connecting with the moon to ask for the blessing for those in the centre. Those offering the blessing perceived themselves to be on the outside of the circle. We left the videos of those receiving in the centre on so those giving the blessing could see who was receiving. We then swapped over so everyone had the opportunity to both receive and offer the blessing.
If you wanted to do a blessing for yourself check out this link to the April 2020 group the second journey explains how to work on your energetic body.

We also suggested these follow up journeys may be helpful at this time if it has been difficult to engage with the new energy that was shown to you. Sometimes the spirits bring our attention to something we are not yet able to do so we can start work on what is stopping us.

  • Next steps / help to integrate ……. (new energy you were shown) into my life
  • What needs to happen for me to be able to integrate ……. (new energy that was shown) into my life