11th July 2020 – Ancestors, Healing and Resources

Ancestors, Healing and Resources – this meeting was inspired by the systemic ritual work of Daan Van Kampenhout
Run by Shenoah

Information that was circulated – this meeting was run via Zoom due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Many traditional cultures maintain an active relationship with their ancestors who offer ongoing support, guidance and strength. At this meeting we will explore how different ways of connecting with our ancestral lineage can support us in our lives.

Introduction to the day
Studies have shown how the experience of our ancestors can have an effect on our biology, mindset and patterns. Some cultures believe the dead have a continued existence, and may possess the ability to influence the fortune of the living. As spirits who were once human themselves, they are sometimes seen as being better able to understand human needs than would a divine being. 

The ancestors were concerned with the same areas of life that we are – love, relationships, providing for our family, where to live, earning a living etc. Within the field of our ancestors there will be those that overcame obstacles successfully, those who have wisdom and resources and who can and want to support their descendants. Below shows a representation of 6 generations of the ancestral field. If the red triangle is you, behind you in brown is your mother and father, behind them in yellow are their mother and father – your grandparents, behnind then in green their parents – your great grandparents and so on, In just 6 generations you will have 64 bloodline ancestors.

Ancestral Field by Daan Van Kampenhout

1st Journey – going on a journey into my ancestral field to ask for a healing I need at this time for my ancestral line

  • The healing is for something that has come down through the ancestral line that is still effecting you – once on the journey you will be shown what it is, it may be something you are already aware of or something new.
  • Ask your spirits to take you to your ancestral field, it is usually in the middle world, but you may be taken somewhere else
  • Stand at the front of the ancestral field, feel your ancestors behind you, how does it feel, turn around and see your ancestors in front of you, experience what it is like
  • Speak to your ancestors and ask them to help you – speak respectfully, introduce yourself as their descendent, why you have come, ask them to look kindly upon you
  • Walk into the ancestral field and walk amongst the ancestors, find one who can help and see what unfolds. 
  • You may find that the healing comes down from them to you, it may also go back the other way, as we heal ourselves so we can heal our ancestors

2nd journey – Going on a journey into my ancestral field to ask for a gift from my ancestral line

  • This is asking the ancestors for a gift that has come down to you through the ancestors. It may be someting you already know or it may be new. They may give you information about how to use it or deepen it or how it was used by other ancestors.
  • Start in the same way as you did for the first journey by walking into your ancestral field

Journey 3 – working in pairs
Asking for help from the ancestors for something in your life

Make it very simple – I am going on a journey to ask for help with / to – may be related to one of the previous journeys or something different. e.g help with my relationship with my brother, help to find a new job. 

The work is in pairs using zoom breakout rooms. Decide who is going to receive and who is going to give the help. You will be facing each other on the screen for the work.

person receiving help – will be sitting perceiving their ancestral field in front of them

Person giving help will be standing perceiving your partners ancestral line behind you. You are representing their ancestors and being the vehicle for ancestors to offer help to their descendent

Person receiving – Relax and be in place of receiving. Speak to your ancestors and ask them out loud for the help you need ‘ dear ancestors it is I …… your descendent, i ask you look kindly on me this day and help me with ….

Person giving – percieve yourself at the front of your partners ancestral field with the ancestors behind you. Call your spirits and ask to receive the help from that persons ancestors – may be via rattle, drum, singing, words may come, you may be shown images.

When you have finished the work. let your partner know the work is over, share and swap.

The following are other ways of working with the ancestors that were suggested to those attending after the meeting

•perceive the ancestor field when not on a journey and walk amongst them
•perceive the ancestors in a circle around you walk to the one that can support you
•Use the ancestor field map and use stones to represent the ancestors