8th August 2020 – Surrender

How working with Surrender can support us in our lives
Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated – To receive help from the spirits we need to be willing to experience or understand something in a different way.  Our doing this depends on our being able to let go of control and surrender our will and expectations so we can fully receive the help, healing or guidance the spirits have to offer us. At this meeting we will be asking the spirits for guidance on what surrendering means for us and how it can support us in our lives. 

1st Journey – Intention – I am going on a journey to merge with a tree I know to ask it for a teaching on surrendering
Suggest doing this as a middle world journey to ask the tree to allow you to merge with it. You may also want to do this as an embodied journey so you are moving with the tree.
If we are in the flow of our life and the flow of the season when the time to release something is right we can let go. We sometimes find we are holding onto something we know we should have released. A tree is in the flow of the seasons and cycles of nature and surrenders its leaves when the time is right. The tree can be a resource we can revisit if we need support to release something we are holidng onto.

2nd journey – Intention – I am Going on a journey to ask my sprits what in my life is it important for me to surrender
This journey is for information to find out what you need to surrender, not going to actually do the surrendering

Journey 3 – Intention – I am coming on an acted out journey to surrender …… (insert what you were shown to surrender in the previous journey)
While on the journey ask for a song of surrender to help you. This may be a song you know, a new one that comes just for this journey, or one that you can use whenever you need to surrender.

Blessing for self to support you with surrendering
Perceive yourself sitting, standing or lying in front of yourself and ask the spirits for the blessing you need at this time to support you in surrendering. Use your rattles / drum / voice to bless yourself.