5th September 2020 – Gifts of Autumn

Working with the gifts the Autumn can offer us for our lives
run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated – Each season brings its own gifts when we open ourselves to the energy of that season. In this meeting we will explore the opportunities, power, gifts and wisdom the autumn season offers and how it can support us in our lives.

1st Journey – Intention – Going on a walking journey to a green space I know to ask for the gifts Autumn can offer me, and to find an object to help keep me connected to the gifts.
At the end of the journey give thanks and ask if there is anything you can do for the green space you have journeyed to.
If meeting face to face we would do this as a walking journey in Vauxhall Park but due to lock down it was done as a middle world journey to a green space that people had a good relationship with. It can also be done as a walking journey in ordinary reality.
Either draw a picture of the object or if possible find something that represents it so you can see it during the season and be reminded of the teachings from the journey.

2nd Journey – Going on a journey to ask to be shown the abundances in my life and how they can support me through the autumn season
Autumn is a time of release but also a time of abundance with harvesting still ongoing Traditionally food would be preserved and stored for the winter.

3rd Journey – asking for help to be in the flow of the autumn season
This was done in 2 groups. Half the group received the help and perceived themselves to be in the centre of the circle. The other half were offering the help by connecting with their spirits to ask for help for those in the centre. Those offering the help perceived themselves to be on the outside of the circle. We left the videos of those receiving in the centre on so those offering the help could see who was receiving. We then swapped over so everyone had the opportunity to both receive and offer the help. 
If you wanted to do this for yourself check out this link to the April 2020 group the second journey explains how to work on your energetic body.