9th January 2021 – Insights for the coming year

Insights for the coming year
Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated
With so much uncertainty in the world the first LODG meeting of 2021 will focus on how we can best move through the coming year. We will ask for insights to enable us to live as fully as possible and be in the flow of life no matter what may be going on around us.

First Journey
Going on a journey to the lower world to ask for the comfort and support I need to move through these uncertain times.
This journey may bring you healing for what has gone before as well as what is needed in the future.

Second Journey
Going on an acted out journey to ask what is it important for me to pay attention to in the next 3 months

Third JourneyIn pairs 
Going on a journey to ask what gifts …… carries to bring into the world in the coming year. Rattle self on journey and speak it out loud
1st person rattles themselves on the journey and speaks out loud what is happening

Fourth Journey – group blessing|
We Perceived us all standing together in a circle and asked for blessings for us all for the coming year