8th January 2022 – Blessings and Gifts of the New Year

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

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As the threshold of the solstice passes the light starts to return and the sun rising on a new year is seen as an opportunity to resolve to be in the world in a different way. At the first meeting of the year we will look at what we bring to the lives of ourselves and our communities by becoming more ourselves and honouring the gift and blessings we carry. 

1st Journey – drum journey
Going on a journey with an open heart to be shown what gifts and blessings I can bring to the world in the coming year

2nd journey – blessing for a partner
I am asking for a Blessing for the gifts and blessings (insert partners name) brings to the world in the coming year
Swap over

3rd Journey – acted out drum journey
Going on a journey to take my next steps to bring my gifts and blessings to the world (and to receive an image to keep me connected to it)

End the day with song and rattle to give thanks to the spirits, ourselves, our partners, the gifts and blessings