10th September 2022 – Blessed by the Harvest Moon

Run by Shenoah and David face to face

Information circulated
The full Moon is often seen as particularly potent and magical and this months LODG coincides with the September full moon which is often called the Harvest moon. We will explore how the qualities of the moon can deepen our connection to the cycles of nature and support our own cycles. We will also be doing some work in Vauxhall Park.

First Journey – drum journey
Journey to the moon to meet its spirit to ask for a teaching about its cycles.
Spend some time connecting to the energy of the moon

Second Journey – connection journey in Vauxhall Park
Connect with the moon to ask for a personal teaching about the autumn
Share the teaching with partner
Partner does a walking journey to find an object to help keep connected to their teaching

Third Journey – drum journey
Journey to the moon to ask for help to be in balance with the cycles of nature

Group Blessing
In two groups – first group sit in the centre facing out. Second group ask for a blessing from the moon for those sitting in the centre and deliver it. Swap over.

Finish with a song – By the light of the moon.

Link to ‘The Ways of the Moon’ article by Annette Høst including a moon cycle diagram https://www.shamanism.dk/article-ways-of-moon