10th June 2023 – Walking my shamanic path

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
Those who work with shamanism often feel they are walking a shamanic path, and this can mean very different things to different people.  For some it is a sense they are here to do something specific with their lives. Others may feel they are know what that is while others do not quite know what this is or how to manifest it. For some it may mean living a life guided by the spirits or living as much as possible in harmony with the cycles of nature or supporting others.
The beauty is that it is always an individual path and experiencing the unfolding of our lives in connection with the spirits brings richness and deepening.
At this meeting we will explore our personal shamanic path including what areas we are ready to develop, what it means to walk a shamanic path and to receive the resources we need to be true to ourselves and the spirits as we walk it.Many thanks to Nina for suggesting the theme for this meeting. 

1st journey – drum journey
I am going on a journey to ask my spirits to show me what walking my shamanic path means for me and the spirits and to give me a way to keep connected to my shamanic path (eg words, image, song, ceremony)

2nd Journey – drum journey – acted out
I am going on an acted out journey to ask my spirits to show me my next steps to developing my shamanic path and what would stop me from taking the next steps

3rd Journey – Paired clearing with rattle and song
Asking my spirits for a clearing for what would stop (insert partners name) from taking their next steps.
Do it one way then swap over

4th Activity – Thank you song
Give thanks to our sprits, ourselves and each other. to also give thanks to Karen Kelly who was one of the people who started the Lodg group and recently died. It is Karen walking her own shamanic path and creating lodg that has supported hundreds if people over the years to deepen their own connection and follow their own shamanic paths.