11th & 12th November 2023 – The Staff, the Song and the Ancestors – working with Seidr

Face to face on 11th – run by Shenoah and David face to face
Zoom on 12th – run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
The first LODG seidr day was in 1998 and interestingly also had the focus of Ancestors.  I am running both a face to face and an online meeting as there are very few opportunities to work with seidr on line, and even fewer opportunities face to face.  Working with the song and the staff is also my special interest and I love sharing the practice. What to do with a rattle and a drum is fairly clear, but how to work with a staff is more of a mystery and it often happens people have had a staff leaning against a wall for many years.  

November will be our annual meeting working with Seidr. There will be two sessions. One face to face on Saturday 11th November in Vauxhall, London, The other online on Sunday 12th November. When confirming attendance please confirm if you will be coming to the face to face or online meeting or both.

Journeying on song with a staff is my favourite way of working with the sprits. It is a freer yet focussed and power filled way of working that offers a different experience than journeying with the drum or rattle. Being able to sing in tune is not required, it is our intention and the power it carries not how it sounds that is important. 

At this meeting we will use the medium of seidr to work with the ancestors. We will explore how the ancestors can support us in our lives and how the practice of seidr is as relevant today as it was in the time of the Vikings.  As well as working for ourselves we will work together as a group in a community seidr ceremony. 

1st Journey – singing self on journey with staff
Going on a Journey to meet an ancestor to ask how they can support me in my life
If you have not worked with a staff before or do not have a seidr teacher go with one of your known helpers. Talked about blood, milk and story line ancestors prior to the journey

2nd journey in pairs – Blessing from the ancestors
The client sings the seidr worker on the journey at the start and back at the end of the journey then swap. Recipient decides what they want a blessing for
Going on a journey to ask for a blessing from the ancestors for (insert partners name and what they want a blessing for)

3rd journey – Community Seidr, both days we did the same intention – to Send the Healing Needed at this Time to the World Tree
Face to Face Seidr – Participants sang 4 seidr workers who were sitting on the seidrhjel to gather the healing power from the spirits and song and deliver it to the World Tree. When the work was done the seidr workers took personal questions
Zoom Seidr – Community Seidr – All participants perceived themselves standing around the world tree with their staffs touching it and singing. They asked for the healing power from the spirits and ancestors and delivered it to the World Tree