10th February 2024 – Planting and Nurturing the Seeds of our Life

Run by Shenoah via Zoom

Information Circulated
Imbolc at the start of February marks the coming of spring when seeds are sending roots down into the earth their shoots up into the world. At this meeting we will plant and nurture the seeds of our life and work with the energy of the coming spring to help them grow and flourish.

1st Journey – drum Journey
I am going on a Journey to be shown the seeds of my life to plant at this time and the place of fertility to plan them – do not plant them just look at the place. If you have some ideas of seeds you want to plant let your spirits know about them too

2nd Journey – Acted out Journey
Journey to the place of fertility to give of my heart the food for the growth of my seeds (and to ask how I continue to nurture them)
it could be in song / dance / energy / intention / speaking words of hope – allow it to flow through you. It comes from you but it also spirit power of your spirits and the spring energy.

3rd Journey – partner work
Journey to ask the spirits to release anything that may get in the way of (insert partners name) seeds coming to fruition
Could be a narrated journey or sung journey or just rattle or drum and say what happens afterwards
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