2nd March 2024 – Healing with Shamanic Tools

run by Shenoah and David face to face

Information circulated
From drums, songs and rattles to feathers and herbs, the diverse toolkit of shamans goes beyond their journeys, offering hope, healing, and insights to people seeking them.
At this meeting we will delve into the power of sound in shamanic healing exploring the use of the drum, rattle and song and how to use them in our shamanic practice for ourselves and others.
You do not need to be able to sing in tune or to have a drum to attend but please let us know if you do have a drum and will be bringing it when you book your place.

1st Journey – drum journey
Going on a journey to meet my healing teacher to ask how to work with song, rattle and drum, as healing tools (they may also speak about other healing tools you use)

2nd journey – partner work with drum healing
2 rounds – first partner says what you want healing for. 
Calls their spirits and listen to the drum and where it wants to be played and the rhythm – be sure to be sensitive to how loud it is, do not want people jumping out of their skins
Share and swap

3rd journey – partner work with song healing
2 rounds – first partner says what you want healing for 
Call spirits and allow song to sing – may be words, or sounds, or just one phrase that repeats and repeats
Share and swap

4th – Journey – group healing with rattle
Half in the middle others round and go in and do rattling over people 
Swap over