11th May 2024 – Transformative Power of Spring

with Shenoah and David face to face

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Connection to and working with nature is fundamental to shamanic practice. By connecting with nature, we can tap into the natural world’s rhythms and cycles, allowing ourselves to move in harmony with the seasons and the flow of life. 
Spring is an especially powerful time of the year. The energy of the season offers us a chance to release the old and embrace new beginnings, helping us to realign and find balance in our lives. By tapping into this natural energy, we can harness its power to make positive changes and move forward with a sense of renewal and growth.
For part of this meeting we will be working in nature in Vauxhall Park which is a few minutes walk from Wheatsheaf Hall. 

1st Journey – drum journey
Going on a journey to meet the spirit of spring to ask what new beginning or energy am I ready to receive into my life at this time

In Vauxhall Park
2nd journey – walking journey
Walking journey to meet a tree in the orchard to ask for a teaching about coming into full growth (worked with the orchard as they know about bringing something to fruition. Also we have worked with the orchard for wassail so already have a relationship with the trees)

3rd Journey – walking and connection journey
Walking journey to find a place to connect with and receive the power of the sun to support my renewal and growth (sun is also making big changes in the heat it offers, and also the daylight increases)

4th journey – Acted out journey
Going on an acted out journey to merge with the tree I met in the orchard to receive the power I need to ……. (insert whatever energy you were shown in previous journey)

5th  journey 
Make representative of self and rattle over self to integrate and balance the new energies and teachings received