8th June 2024 – The Wisdom of Trees

With Shenoah via Zoom

Information circulated
Trees are powerful wisdom keepers, healers and bringers of life. We will embark on a journey to tap into their ancient wisdom, honouring their profound role as guardians of the natural world. As we cultivate a deeper connection with these majestic beings it allows us to tap into their healing energy, absorb their calming presence, and integrate their wisdom into our lives and shamanic work.

1st Journey – Middle World Drum Journey
I am going on a journey to be in the presence of a tree I know

  • Ask your spirits to take you to a tree you know in ordinary reality that wants to open itself to you – it may be one you know well and is a good friend, or one that you pass but have not paid much attention to or have seen only once.
  • This journey is for you to expand your consciousness and for the tree to expand its consciousness and be in its presence as opposed to asking for something specific to happen. When you arrive approach it slowly.
  • Before starting the journey we sang ‘I open my heart’ to open our own hearts and to ask the trees to open their hearts to us. You can find the link to the song here

2nd Journey – Drum journey
I am going on a Journey to the world tree to ask …..

  • Ask spirits to take you to the world tree – could be upper, middle or lower world to ask a personal question. Suggested pre-fixes could be:
  • What is my next step to …
  • What needs to happen for me to …
  • I am asking for a healing for …. 
  • I am asking for help to …..
  • What effect will it have on my life if I…. 
  • If unsure what to ask you can ask for the help or healing I need at this time

3rd Journey – Working in pairs in Zoom breakout rooms
I am asking for a blessing to honour the trees

  • The world tree is connected to all trees so the blessing goes to the tree that you worked with as well as all trees that are, have been and are yet to come
  • One person will be representing the world tree, soften relax, open and ask to stand for the world tree, be in the place of receiving the blessing
  • One person will be asking their spirits for a blessing to honour the trees. Call your spirits to you and perceive the person in front of you to be representing the world tree. Allow the blessing to flow through you to the world tree. It may be with the rattle, song, you may see images or be given words.
  • When you have finished the work let your partner know the work is over and swap over