5th October 2020 – Our Gifts for the World

Exploring the gifts we bring to the world
Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information that was circulated
During these past months our lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined and we have had to adapt and find new ways of being in the world. At this meeting we will work with the spirits and each other explore what gifts we carry within us that we can bring to the world at this time.

1st Journey Intention – I am going on a journey to the upper world to ask my spirits what gift do I carry that I can offer to the world in the coming year that will make a difference

‘make a difference’ does not mean change the world. May be told to look after yourself, do something simple, embark on a project.

2nd Journey intention – Going on a journey to ask what is it that would stop me offering the gift of (insert the gift shown in the previous journey) to the world in the coming year

3rd Journey – Healing in Pairs
1st person tells their partner what they were told would stop them sharing their gifts. The partner asks for the healing that is needed to clear the way to enable (insert name) to offer their gift of (insert gift) to the world

4th Journey – with rattle – journey to ask for an image to keep you connected to your gift – once you have receivecd the image come half way back and draw it.