8th October 2022 – Healing Imagery

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information circulated
Imagery in all its forms can play an important part in healing. At his months meeting we will be receiving healing images as well as exploring how imagery can support the healing process and deepen our understanding of our shamanic landscapes and helpers.

First Journey – Acted out journey
Going on an acted out journey to experience the healing images in my shamanic landscape that I have not yet fully received

Second Journey – Drum journey
Going on a journey to ask my spirits what in my life to I need to transmute and to receive the healing image
Once what needs to be transmuted and the healing image has been received come part way back so you are between the world back and draw the image.

Third Journey – partner work – rattle and sung journey
Journey to ask for a healing image my partner needs at this time.
First person rattles themselves on the journey and describes the journey and the healing image out loud while their partner listens and perceives the journey as it is happening.