9th December 2023 – Celebrating Life & Winter Feast

Run by Shenoah on Zoom

Information Circulated
Many years ago a seidr ceremony asked how members of a shamanic group containing many lodg members could keep connected. One of the answers was to hold Winter Feasts. Since that time there have been annual winter feasts in different shamanic groups. At LODG we used to meet in person and everyone brought food to share so it was an actual feast. Since lockdown it happens online and it is a time for celebrating the group, each other and the spirits. 🙏🏼
The lodg altar is a place in the spirit world we all journey to.  In the spirit of the season giving and receiving is encouraged when there, as well as enjoying the party.🎈 It has to be said the experiences of the virtual winter feasts in the lodg altar are sometimes a bit more raucous than they ever were in person 😊 😅
In the final meeting of this year we will celebrate life and give thanks for all we have received. While life can sometimes be a struggle it is good to remember there is also much to celebrate. As well as celebrating the current season this meeting will include receiving what we need to support us through the long winter months and giving thanks for all the support we have received through the year. 

There will be song, dance and general merriment and while we may not be in the same room, or even in the same country, we will celebrate the season, ourselves and each other.

There will be a visit to the LODG altar for the annual winter feast and In keeping with the season of giving and receiving we will receive a gift from the spirits to support us through the winter and also offer a gift to to give thanks for all the support and guidance we have received.

1st Journey – drum journey
Going on a Journey to be shown how to celebrate life and ask my spirits how to celebrate them

2nd activity – Celebration Singing and Dancing to We are One by Rainbow Spirit Oregon (can find it on YouTube.
The Dance
As go in on 4 beat raise hands as if gathering up
As walk out lower hands as if giving thanks
Walk Around as if going hand over hand with others in the circle
The Song
We are one in harmony singing in celebration / We are one in harmony singing in love x2We are one singing in celebration / We are one singing in love x2

3rd journey – in pairs – Witnessed interactive journey
Journey to ask the spirits for a spiritual gift to support me through the winter
Partner A journeys to their spirits with the above intention and speaks the journey out loud while partner B witnesses the journey from between the worlds. When the journey has ended partner A stays in the journey and partner B asks their spirits for a gift to thank them for all the support Parter A has received.  (the gift is of course coming from your spirits through you to their spirits)

4th Journey – Acted out drum journey – Journey to the lodg altar / room to take part in the winter feast and to receive a gift to remind me to continue to celebrate life  (receive something from altar and put something on it for someone else in lodg to collect)