9th September 2023 – Personal Healing

Face to Face with Shenoah & David

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There are many forms of shamanic work that can support our personal healing journey. At this meeting we will explore different healing techniques and receive the healings we need at this time. As well as working for ourselves we will be working with others and in nature.

1st Journey – Asking my spirits for the healing I need at this time
Create a representation of yourself either on the floor or a chair. Call your spirits and allow them to guide you to do the healing you need for yourself on your representative using your own rattle / drum / songs.

2nd Journey – in Vauxhall Park – Going on a walking journey to meet a plant who will support me in my healing journey
Choose something specific you want to work with and state your intention before starting your walking journey. When you find the plant that wants to work with you sit with it, expand so your energies are merged and receive the healing – may be received as energy information etc.

3rd Journey – acted out partner work. Do it one way and then swap over
Going on a journey with my healing teacher to do a tunnel clearing for (insert partners name)
Go into your own tunnel/passage as if you were going into your lower world but do not go out of the tunnel. Let the spirits do the work. You do not decide the form of the healing or what happens. Do not make assumptions about anything you are shown – something you may think of as insignificant may be very important for the person the healing is for. You may be the witness to the spirits doing the healing or they may ask you to do something specific.

Share the experience with your partner in an empowered way. How you tell your partner about it is part of the healing. Swap over.