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Many forms of shamanic healing, shamanic counselling and systemic ritual work very well remotely. All appointments are being offered remotely via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or phone. You are welcome to contact me to see if remote work is possible for what you are seeking help with at this time.

I have been involved with shamanism since 1990 and have trained extensively with a number of inspiring shamanic teachers including Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Host, Catlin Matthews, Cait Brannigan, Myron Eschowsky, Betsy Bergstrom, Sandra Ingerman and Daan Van Kampenhout. When I started working with shamanism it was the next step on my own journey of self discovery and healing

Shamanism is the path of my heart and through it I have come to know my gifts and their place in the world. It has helped me to be in the world in a more present, fulfilled and focussed way.

With the help of the spirits I now support others to find their own way to empowerment, connection and healing.

Shamanism can help with Personal healing, Life changes, Empowerment, Decision making, Problem solving, Transformation, Relationships, Health/illness, Connectedness, Bereavement, Emotional Issues and Spiritual Development.

The benefits of working with shamanism can be found on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. One of the paradoxes of shamanism is that by working in the spirit world it enables us to live more fully in this reality.

Within my work I offer many aspects of shamanism including shamanic healing, shamanic counselling, journeying skills, power and soul retrieval, extraction, death and life work (sometimes called psychopomp work), blessings, journeys for others, distance work, ceremonies, groups, and seidr (working with staff and song). I have a strong relationship with shamanic song which I use in much of my work. I also teach basic and advanced workshops and facilitate a monthly journeying circle for those who have already completed an introductory course.

I am a member of the Core Shamanic Practitioner Circle and the Society for Shamanic Practice and work closely with other shamanic practitioners and teachers for peer supervision and ongoing professional development.

I am fully insured for one to one healing work and teaching.

Information about the courses I am currently involved in are on the courses and events page, you can also sign up to receive emails about upcoming events. To talk about the possibility of doing some shamanic work please E-mail me at shenoah@shenoahtaylor.com

Drum crafted by Nicci Antoinette www.shamandrums.net

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