Iceland Seidr – Craft, Vision & Power

ICELAND SEIDR – Craft, Vision and Power

With Annette Høst, Assisted by Shenoah Taylor
This course has been postponed until further notice

In Seidr, an old Nordic form of shamanism, the practitioners traditionally used a unique combination of staff, ecstatic song and a magic seat as means for contacting the spirit world. Seidr is described in late Viking age written sources, but the origins are much earlier, in fertility cults and shamanism.

On this course, we will explore both the craft and the spiritual basis of the seidr tradition. We will work with seidr as a community ritual as well as in pairs and alone.

The spiritual core of seidr is inseparable from nature. Therefore, a key part of our practice is connecting with the spirits and powers of the land. On this course we have the unique opportunity of working in and with the Icelandic land: “Sitting out” alone with our staff between mountain and sky, singing with dusk and wind, our seidr work takes root in both our own time and the Nordic landscape.

To deepen our understanding of the seidr tradition we will also view our own experiences in the light of the newest research into Norse myths and worldview, which contain so much more than the few well known deities.

In the seidr tradition we find refined time-tested ways of dealing with power; we will explore the mysterious concept of ergi, a way of handling energy through the shamanic union of surrender and consciousness. This way we strengthen is an essential aspect of our shamanic practice: Knowing how to let the power flow through us, how to apply it wisely, how to ground it.

Seidr work is for both men and women, and can profoundly inspire our general shamanic practice. We become freer to choose the right ritual tool for the right task, and we deepen our experience of the power of earth. It is a unique opportunity to learn seidr in the very landscape of Edda poems and sagas.


Price including room and board, and transport Reykjavik – Bjarnafjördur and back: TBC

Our venue is situated in the East part of the /Westfjords, and a good part of the course takes place in the outstanding landscape of the open mountains, coasts and valleys at Bjarnafjördur. You can see more about the venue and the area here:

To participate: To apply for the course, please write a short letter to about your shamanic training and own experience, and why you want to come on this course. Previous shamanic training is not required, but it is indeed helpful. Participants need to understand and speak English. Please also send an email to the organisers below to book your provisional place. Once your application has been accepted they will contact you regarding paying the deposit.

The course is arranged by Olafia Wium and Kristina Haraldsdottir, for info and to book a provisional place, please contact them at