Monthly Journey Group

Working with Core Shamanism

Meetings are Currently taking place via Zoom until further notice.

The London open drumming group has been meeting since 1997. The aim is to provide a safe working environment to practice core shamanic techniques for people who have done an introductory course. It also gives the opportunity to talk about shamanic experiences with others and to foster shamanic community.

Within the core shamanic framework the shamanic journey, song, dance, art and craft have been some of the forms the group have used to explore creativity, healing and personal development. The group has also worked with ceremony and ritual for both personal and community healing. Whatever form the work takes we are always looking to deepen our relationships with our spirit helpers and teachers and to bring the power and wisdom available in the spirit world to this reality.

The group is open to anyone who has attended a weekend introductory course in core shamanism or has done a series of shamanic counselling sessions with someone known to the organisers. This is to ensure the meetings can focus on developing shamanic practice and not covering the basics of journeying and the geography of the spirit world. Potential members must have attempted journeys to the upper and lower worlds and have done a journey for someone else. A one day introduction generally does not give enough journeying experience to be able to attend. If in doubt please contact us.

Please contact Shenoah at with the heading ‘LODG membership’. Let me know when, where, the duration of and with whom you did your introductory course or which shamanic practitioner has taught you to journey. You will then be added to the email reminder list which sends out information about meeting dates and topics. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

The group is open so members can attend whichever meetings they wish. You do not need to bring a drum.

We are currently meeting on Zoom, usually on the second Saturday of the month but sometimes the date or times may change. We start in the circle at 1pm and Zoom is open from 12.30 – 1pm for community time if anyone wants to chat. We finish by 5.30pm. It is not possible to join after 1pm or leave early as this disturbs the circle and any partner or ceremonial work we may be dong.

Please bring rattle, scarf to cover you eyes, blanket your journal and a pen for writing down the journeys.  The usual cost is £20, at present it is by donation depending on your circumstances.  Spaces are limited so booking is essential.

Each meeting is different and offers the opportunity to develop personal work as well as learning new techniques and deepening connection. All members of the group are encouraged to contribute by putting forwards ideas for journeys or other piece of shamanic work.

The venue we use is currently being used for covid testing and they are unsure when it will be available again. When we do start to meet again in person the venue is a few minutes walk from the train and tube stations at Vauxhall SW8. The part of the venue we use is on the first floor and there is no lift.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: please put LODG membership in the title

You can see some of the content of past meetings here Previous Lodg Meetings
Below are the themes we have worked with over the past few years.

2021 Meetings – all meetings are on a Saturday – currently via Zoom

January 9th 2021 – Insights for the coming year – via zoom

February 13th 2021 – Deepening Spirit Connection – via zoom

March 13th 2021 – The Gifts of Spring – via zoom

April 10th 2021 – Power and Renewal – via zoom

May 8th 2021 – The Elements Within – via zoom

June 12th 2021 – The Spirit of Play – via zoom

July 10th 2021 – Ritual – via zoom

August 14th 2021 – Nature as a Healing Path – via zoom

September 11th 2021 – Harvesting our Life Path – via zoom

October 9th 2021 – Honouring the Earth – via zoom

November 13th 2021 – The Staff and the Song – working with Sei∂r – via zoom
Our annual meeting of working with staff, song and oracular sei∂r

December 11th 2021 – theme tbc, including winter feast – via zoom


2020 Meetings
January 11th 2020 – Insights from the elements for the coming year – via zoom

February 8th 2020 – Spirits of Nature – via zoom

March 14th 2020 – Spirits in the City – urban shamanism – via zoom

April 11th 2020 – Connecing with Resources – via Zoom

May 9th 2020 – The Power of Spring & Spirits of Nature – via Zoom

June 13th 2020 – Insights from the Four Directions – via zoom

July 11th 2020 – Ancestors, Healing and Resources – via zoom

August 8th 2020 – Surrender – via zoom

September 5th 2020 – The Gifts of Autumn – via zoom

October 3rd 2020 – Our Gifts for the World – via zoom

November 14th 2020 – Sei∂r – via zoom
Our annual meeting of working with staff, song and oracular sei∂r

December 12th 2020 – The gifts of Winter, including winter feast – via Zoom


2019 Meetings
January 12th 2019 – Resourcing Ourselves in Changing Times

February 9th 2019 – The Way of Council – with Pippa Bondy 

March 9th 2019 – Healing Power of Spring

April 13th 2019 – Expressing Ourselves

May 11th 2019 – Our Personal Creation Stories 

June 15th 2019 3rd Saturday not 2nd Saturday – The abundance of Summer

July 13th 2019 – Spirit of the Drum

August 17th 2019 – 3rd Saturday not 2nd Saturday – Climate Change and Shamanism

September 14th 2019 – Working with the Moon

October 12th 2019 – Runes

November 9th 2019 – Sei∂r
Our annual meeting of working with staff, song and oracular sei∂r

December 14th 2019 – Seasonal Theme tbc, including winter feast


2018 Meetings
January 20th 2018 – 3rd Saturday not 2nd Saturday – Healing ourselves, healing the Earth
The correlation between our own healing and our relationship with the earth

February 10th 2018 – Shamanic Healing
Exploring different ways of working with Shamanic healing

March 10th 2018 – Balancing our Lives
Working with the energy of the spring Equinox to bring balance to our lives

April 14th 2018 – Responsibility
Journeying and ceremony around the theme of Responsibility

May 12th 2018 – Becoming Our Spirit Helpers

June 9th 2018 – Blessings of the Summer

July 14th 2018 –  embodied practice 

August 11th 2018 – Creating Sacred Space

September 8th 2018 – The power of the harvest

October 13th 2018 – Spirit Houses

November 10th 2018 – Sei∂r
Our annual meeting of working with staff, song and oracular sei∂r

December 8th 2018 – The gifts of the Winterincluding Winter Feast


2017 Meetings
January 14th 2017 – Our Gifts for the World
Discovering the gifts we carry that can make a difference in the coming year

February 11th 2017 – Shamanic Healing
Exploring different methods of individual and community shamanic healing

March 11th 2017 – Awakening from Within
What needs to be awakened within us to connect with the power of spring

April 8th 2017 – Gifts of the Ancestors
The gifts the ancestors offer us and what we can offer them

May 13th 2017 – Shamanic Divination
Working with different forms of shamanic divination

June 10th 2017 – The Gifts of the Summer
Exploring the gifts the summer can offer us – plus it is our 20th Anniversary Meeting!!!

July 8th 2017 – Deepening Connection to our Spirits
Working with our spirits and creating a representation in ceremony

August 12th 2017 – Shamanic Landscapes
Exploring our shamanic landscapes

September 16th 2017 – 3rd not 2nd Saturday – Reserves for the coming Darkness

October 7th 2017 – Rattle Making
Working with the spirits to make a shamanic rattle

November 11th 2017 – Sei∂r
Our annual meeting of working with staff, song and oracular sei∂r

December 9th 2017 – Seasonal Theme
Sustenance, gifts & Winter Feast