Discover the Magic, Mystery and Wisdom of the Runes

With Julia Crabtree, Christine Mark & Jane Shutt
The live course is now over, however the meetings were recorded so it is still possible to complete the course using the recordings.

The runes are a source of inspiration and great wisdom and are as relevant today as they have been for centuries.

These 3 sessions of 3 hours each focus on exploring the magic, the mystery and the wisdom of the runes, the Old North Germanic writing system that was in use for many centuries. Like all writing it was believed to have magical properties….

Runes are one of the 4 main strands of Nordic magic along with seidr, galdr and utiseta; all are ancient ways of working with the sprits

The runes can be used as gateways accessing the deeper meanings of shamanic journeys. They can act as guidance for projects, helping to focus on priorities for the day. They can bring harmony and balance into the lives of humans, animals, plants and all other beings as they speak directly to the spirits of all that is, all that was and all that will be. Chanting the runes helps us to centre and ground and to strengthen our links to our spirits.  

We believe this series of sessions is best experienced as a unit, although it is possible to book the sessions individually. Priority will be given to those booking onto all 3 sessions.

These sessions are suitable for anyone who has an interest in the runes. Participants need to already have shamanic journey experience and have completed The Shamanic Journey course or another agreed equivalent introductory shamanic workshop. Please get in touch if you are unsure if your previous experience will enable you to attend.

Session 1 – What are the Runes? In this first session, we will be exploring how the runes came to be. The runes are meaningful symbols and their nature is inherently magical. We will teach you how to chant the runes effectively, to enhance your shamanic practice. You will be given the opportunity to take part in practical activities to deepen your personal understanding of What the Runes are.  

Session 2 – What do the Runes mean? This second session looks at how we can interpret the runes for ourselves, looking at how others have interpreted them in the past. We will be sharing our own experiences of interpreting the runes and offering you the opportunity to journey to find your own understanding of What the Runes mean. 

Session 3 – How can we use the Runes? In this final session, we look at practical applications for using the runes in the 21st century. We will look at some ways they have been used in the past – blessings, curses, divination and guidance – and explore how these could be relevant or redundant for us in our daily lives today. You will have the opportunity to explore how you can personally Use the Runes.  

Access to download the 3 recordings costs the same as it was to attend the 3 courses live.
Cost: £60 for all 3
To request the recordings or If you have any questions – please email