Seidr Craft – working with seidr – Face to Face

Exploring the Craft of Seidr with Shenoah Taylor

This experiential training is face to face
Saturday 7th September 2024 10.00-6.00pm UK time
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Seidr is a Nordic oracular shamanic tradition that uses the staff, the song and a ritual seat as key elements enabling the seidr worker to connect with the spirit world. The earliest accounts of working with song and the staff are from the Icelandic Sagas. They tell of Volvas – men and women who worked with the song and the staff – offering hope, healing and information to individuals and communities.

During our time together we will explore working with the staff, the song and the seat for ourselves, each other and in community. 

We will look at the qualities needed to allow song and power to flow easily through us to bring information, healing and power as we deepen our shamanic practice. As we allow the craft of seidr to teach and inspire us we discover how this ancient tradition can support us in modern times.

Attendance will enable you to attend the seidr practice afternoons that run on Zoom.

two staffs, two logs

This course is for those new to seidr as well as those who want to revisit the basics. Participants need to have journey experience and have completed The Shamanic Journey introductory course or another agreed equivalent or worked one to one with a shamanic practitioner. Please get in touch if you are unsure if your previous experience will enable you to attend.

Cost: £110
Date: Saturday 7th September 2024
Venue: Southwick, West Sussex BN42 4TE
Times: 10.00am – 6.00pm UK time

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