Seidr in Nature – the Nature of Seidr

Seidr in Nature – the Nature of Seidr
With Shenoah Taylor

Tuesday 5th – Friday 8th July 2022
Darvel, Scotland

Seidr is a Nordic oracular shamanic tradition that uses the staff, the song and a ritual seat as key elements enabling the seidr worker to connect with the spirit world.  Insights and guidance can be sought for communities, individuals and ourselves.

During our time together the focus will be working with seidr in nature. The practice of seidr is deeply woven into nature and while much of our sacred isle has been cultivated wilderness still lives in the heart of the earth. The beautiful Scottish landscape allows us to touch the essence of the trees, the streams, the hills, and receive wisdom from the spirits of the land.

We will explore the craft of seidr – the qualities of the songs that take us into the journeys, working with the staff, allowing the power to flow through us. We will experience different ways of working – alone, in pairs, in groups, in ceremony and at different times of the day.

As well as exploring the essence of seidr and deepening our shamanic practice we will ground
the work in our own lives receiving the help, guidance and support we need at this time by listening to the wisdom of the streams, the trees, the moon and the land.

The Venue
The beautiful Greenhill farm is owned by Ruth and Trevor Bailey and is set in 8 acres of land on a steep hill with paths throughout dropping down to a river. There are trees, open spaces and grassy hills for us to do our work and explore. This course is residential. All meals are vegetarian and basic accommodation is in shared rooms or in a caravan or camping. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or a duvet and sheet.

Prerequisites for Participants
Participants need to have completed an introductory course in core shamanism, or agreed equivalent. You need to have a good connection with your spirit helpers, journey easily and have experience of journeying to the upper and lower worlds and have done journeys for someone else. Participants need to be physically active due to the landscape we will be working in.

Cost: £400 – please note all accommodation is shared and basic. 
Dates: Tuesday 5th – Friday 8th July 2022
Venue: Darvel, Scotland

The course is currently fully booked. If you would like to go on the waiting list please contact Ruth Bailey on

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