Seidr Practice

Shamanic Voices, Cadair Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies and Sulis Shaman Present:

Seidr Practice
With Shenoah Taylor, Julia Crabtree, Christine Mark & Jane Shutt

Seidr Practice are regular events exploring different aspects of working with Seidr. These experiential online practice events are offered via Zoom.

Practice events are for those who already work with seidr and have an ongoing shamanic practice.

Completion of an introductory course –  The Shamanic Journey or another agreed equivalent as well as experience of working with seidr such as the Seidr Craft course or agreed equivalent is required to attend.

Please get in touch if you are unsure if your previous experience will enable you to attend. The next introduction to seidr course is here

Seidr Practice – upcoming events
To book for any of the events below please email If you have not done seidr work with us before please confirm who you did your shamanic and seidr training with.

Community Seidr Via Zoom
Sunday 4th December 2022 3-6pm £20 – UK time
Sunday 29th January 2023 3-6pm £20 – UK time
A community seidr is a great opportunity to work together with a joint intention. We agree the intention on the day as part of the process. There is the opportunity for a few people to take their place on the hjel to receive information from the Spirits on behalf of us all. Everyone at the meeting will play an active part in singing the Volvas out and back from their journeys, there will also be an opportunity to ask personal questions of the Spirits. 

Seidr Stepping the issue – New
Sunday 15th January 2023 3 – 6pm £20 – UK time
These new ‘Seidr Stepping the Issue’ meetings will enable us to go deeper into using seidr for problem solving and healing.  These meetings will take an issue someone brings to the group – either for themselves or someone who has requested help – and we will explore different ways of working with that issue. There will not be the ‘setting the scene’ as we do with the community seidr days but be stepping straight into agreeing which issue to work with, the form the work should take and then doing the work.

Sunday 26th February – 3- 6 PM – £20 format of practice day to be confirmed

The Song, Staff and Seat
The song, staff and seat are 3 major components of seidr work. Exploring each of them in more depth supports the deepening and flow of our practice.

The days are best taken as a series but can be taken individually
Exploring the Song in Seidr – Sunday 2nd April 2023 – 3 – 6pm £20 UK time
Song is a major component in Seidr. Song not only provides the power that takes us on the journey but also brings the magical component, the enchantment that is often experienced by others when singing or being sung. The song in Seidr is greater than the sum of its parts and during this seidr practice meeting we will explore the qualities of a seidr song, how the song en-chants and how we can more deeply integrate the gift of song into our work.

Exploring the Staff in Seidr Sunday 30th April 2023 – £20 UK time
The staff is a major component in Seidr. It provides grounding and enables us to travel between the worlds and offers a very different quality than using drums or rattles. How to work with drums and rattles is clear from the outset but how to work with the staff is more of a mystery despite many people having found or been gifted a staff on journeys or in ordinary reality. During this seidr practice meeting we will explore the use of the staff in seidr.

Exploring the Seat in Seidr – Sunday 21st May 2023 – £20 UK time
The ritual seat is a major component in Seidr. It is most often used in community seidr but working with the seat for personal as well as community rituals can heighten the magical quality of the work of those that step onto the hjel. During this seidr practice meeting we will explore the use of the ritual seat in seidr.


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